Aphex Twin

By Anthony May 19th, 2015

For a producer who is famed for his relative taciturnity, Richard D. James has been making an awful lot of noise of late. Since the release of last autumn’s Syro, one of our favourite records of the year, James has been releasing a flurry of material online, both new and old.  Beginning in February, a steady stream of old material has been drip fed into various Soundcloud accounts, encompassing broad sweeps of eclectic Aphex Twin material that stretch back to his Cornish days in the late 80s. Never one to be kind to music journalists, User48736353001’s soundcloud account has produced innumerable and similarly indecipherable snippets of James’ odds and ends, some more fully evolved than others. From snippets of garbled, hyperactive acid, to 10-minute long ambient excursions, this is a collection that demands an afternoon’s listen. The tracks have now been taken down by James, but you can still stream all 222 of them in one convenient place.

If you don’t have an afternoon to sacrifice at the altar of brilliantly bizzare electronic music, here are a few highlights:


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