MTV EXIT – When the first in a trilogy of films highlighting human trafficking and exploitation was shot in 2008, MTV Exit were initially unsure exactly how music could compliment the visuals. Simon Goff, Campaign Director approached us to explore the possibilities of how music could play an integral part of the campaign moving forward. We looked at credible artists who might be open to charity campaigns and had albums due out to maximize the potential exposure. The top name on our list was Radiohead who had digitally released In Rainbows to great acclaim and had the physical release due the following month. The band agreed to allow their music to be used (as well as accompanying press) and the project was presented as collaboration between MTV Exit and Radiohead. The great success of the campaign allowed the follow up films with music from The Killers and Muse to be produced all with music supervision by Dominic Goodman.

“It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past months during the initial phases of the collaboration and we are incredibly grateful to you. I hope that we can continue to work together on this campaign”

Simon Goff – Campaign Director MTV EXIT


Diploma – The Diploma advert was a clear case in point of how music can form the basis of a creative idea and be integrated throughout the campaign. WCRS created a script, which aimed to show the potential of the diploma scheme throughout all it’s courses by aligning themselves with an artist who would write and record a track inspired by the “more than one way” Diploma slogan. A video was then to be made using students from the diploma to work on each of the different areas of the promo team. The making of film would then form the TV advert which would also promote a free download of the track from the Diploma website for students in the target age range. Having looked at a number of different artists throughout a number of genres we presented Kano as our recommendation. We approached management and alongside PIAS oversaw the signing of a deal encompassing the track, music video, tv commercial and download. The securing of an artist and the ability to finalize a deal in a very short period of time was largely responsible for the agency winning the pitch.

“Dom played a key part when we pitched for The Diploma. He found the artist at the center of the campaign, Kano, negotiated the contract and got it signed within a few days. He then was fully involved in the production of the campaign, making sure it was delivered on time despite the very tight timings.”

Ildut Loarer – Account Director WCRS


Vertu – The luxury phone brand they decided they wanted an artist to compose bespoke ringtones that would fit the younger target market of their new Ascent handset. Having presented them with a number of possible avenues to explore they followed our recommendation, UNKLE. James Lavelle and Pablo Clements created bespoke ringtones as well as all other sounds associated with the phones (alarms etc).

For an interview with the band relating to the project see

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur – Creative Director Sarah Shotton approached us in 2010 to look at overseeing music across the brand. This included in store playlists, online, press, and live shows. We are continuing to act as music supervisors for Agent Provocateur and are aiming to continue building the brands historical association with music.

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