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By Anthony April 30th, 2015

Daniel Lopatin continues to challenge expectations of electronic music with this second collection of visceral commissioned soundtracks released as part of Record Store Day 2015.

‘Bullet Hell Abstraction’, was constructed for the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo last year. A thunderous homage to the manic side-scrolling ‘danmaku’ videogames that are synonymous with 90s Japanese pop culture, and in particular the work of esteemed videogame composer Manabu Namiki, its sonic aesthetic reflects the saccharine mania of those visuals perfectly. Switching wildly between insane midi-guitar thrashing, hyperactive drill’n’bass and shards of indecipherable computer noise, these moments of chaos are offset against irregular snippets of ambience. This a wonderfully disorientating listening experience.

The second half of the release, ‘Suite From Magnetic Rose’, is a soaring reimagination of Koji Morimoto’s rare anime film ‘Magnetic Rose’, performed as a live score to a viewing of the film at the University of Manchester last autumn. At almost 20 minutes long it’s a majestic and introspective listen, and Lopatin effortlessly creates an ambiguous organic landscape that encompasses everything from synthesised water droplets to monolithic ecclesiastical choirs. An essential release for any fans of leftfield electronic music.

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