The Lake

By Anthony May 11th, 2015

Standing out from an increasingly saturated online music radio landscape, The Lake is an experimental project that defies categorisation. Broadcasting from Copenhagen 24/7, the station was founded last summer by a Danish art collective that includes Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg of indie outfit Efterklang. Since then the list of the station’s collaborators and contributors has extended far and wide.

The station acts as a carefully curated platform for music far to the left of commercial radio. Unimpeded by any kind of generical, chronological or geographic restrictions it continually unearths surprises that encompass the forgotten as well as the groundbreaking. Aside from the occasional long-form piece, The Lake’s playlists are completely randomised – it’s a refreshing take on the all too often fiercely segmented world of music. A genuinely interesting listening experience.

The Lake crop 3

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